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A full audit of the department. This would ensure if money and resources are being utilized to the maximum for the people.

Full transparency in the role. To have a role in government should not be a secret society. There should be an open forum for discussion available for the people. This brings forth integrity and purpose for the position and to make sure it adheres to the Constitution of the state.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission should be under the blanket of Secretary of State. My vision is to have it be a four member elected body, by the people, that follows Wisconsin’s constitution and laws brought forth by the legislature.

Who is Neil Harmon?

  • Married for 15 years.
  • 3 children.
  • Lifelong Wisconsinite.
  • Medical freedom fighter.
  • Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin.
  • Individualistic.
  • Libertarian.
  • Employed within healthcare for 25 years; understands that over-regulation is destroying the industry.
  • Active volunteer for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
  • Youth sports coach.
“I fight for liberty so my children and grandchildren can live in a world set free. We must help release the shackles of government.”